Even the sun has rumors

Video installation, 18 mn, loop, two-sound channel, variable dimensions, 2017

Tunisian Arabic | English & French CC
In the mining town of Redeyef (Tunisia), a disused site still full of affect: the staff co-op. Established and managed by the phosphate company of Gafsa during colonial times, this empty site still retains within its walls the stratum of the ambivalence of a history where the sparkling surface relates the arrival, where there is nothing, of a haven of comfort for a society burdened by work in the mine.

But beyond the initial impression, it’s a darker reality that the staff co-op induces: that of a commercial extension of a mine exploiting the earth as much as its people.

A vestige site, the staff co-op is a place of abandoned memory that a videographic and poetic eye penetrates, bringing to light, by the chiaroscuro of the time that goes by, through the voice of a child still living in the memories of a mine worker, the spaces, surfaces and historic depth of a site is portrayed.

By Mohamed-Ali Berhouma, author, Tunisia


Exhibitions and screenings

The upshot of trans-affective solidarity, Act 2: Stabilizing Consciousness, TAM Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA, 2022. Curated by Kisito Assangni.

The upshot of trans-affective solidarity, Motorenhalle (Projektzentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst), Dresden, Germany, 2021. Curated by Kisito Assangni.

the Sonsbeek quadrennial 2020 (public program): Tunis Force Times Distance – On Labour and its Sonic Ecologies, 2020. Artistic director: Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung. 

El Kazma exhibition, l’Heure d’Hiver Tunis, Cinema Galeries, Brussels, Belgium, 2020.

Ensayos sobre el trabajo, Centro Cultural Parque de España, Rosario, Argentina. 2nd BIENALSUR, 2019.
Curator : Liliana Piñeiro.

Climbing Through The Tide, B7L9, The Kamel Lazaar Foundation (KLF), Tunis, Tunisia, 2019. Curator : Basak Senova.

Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin, Video Library, 2019.

A New humanity, Ancien Palais de Justice, Dakar, Senegal. DAK’ART, The Biennale of Contemporary. African Art, 2018. Artistic director: Simon Njami.

Dans L’intervalle Entre Monument Et Document, solo, El Marsa Gallery, La Marsa-Tunis, Tunisia, 2017. Curators : Marie Cantos and Aziza Harmel.