It has never been to survive

Edition of 6 photography (3 + 1 AP). Pigmented ink on Epson hot press bright, 45 x 30 cm, 2013
[...] During his show at La Boîte, It Has Never Been To Survive, Ali Tnani deliberately offered for our attention several photographs whose contents were indiscernible. A provocation? An invitation, rather, to hone our senses, and sharpen our perception. On a white ground, placed on a skyline, objects with indefinable abstract shapes were offered to our questioning eyes. Fragments? Retrieved material? Useful forms? Elements without any possible definition stemming from this culture of the “formless” formerly dear to Georges Bataille? This type of uncertain visual offer, with no pedigree, is fuelled in Tnani’s work by what he himself calls the figure of “counter space” or “the other space”: a formulation connoting “difference”.

Paul Ardenne, in 10 ans d’expérimentation artistique au sein d’une entreprise en Tunisie, Éditions le Bord de l’Eau, Bruxelles, 2018.


Unknown program, solo, El Marsa Gallery, Dubaï, UAE, 2018. Curators : Marie Cantos and Aziza Harmel

Dans L’intervalle Entre Monument Et Document, solo, El Marsa Gallery, La Marsa-Tunis, Tunisia, 2017. Curators : Marie Cantos and Aziza Harmel.

Les Contre-Ciels, PA - Plateforme de création contemporaine, Paris, France, 2014. Curator : Marie Cantos.

Contre-espaces, solo, AGorgi gallery, Tunis-Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia, 2013.
Private collection | Tunisia | 2013